Armenia: Hayko coaches a Spanish singer in The Voice of Armenia

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The talent show The Voice of Armenia has the Eurovision entrant for the country among its coaches. The star will be coaching a Spanish participant, who has been interviewed by

As publishes, David Rodríguez did not enter The Voice of Armenia. In an interview David revealed that his partner entered him. Initially he said “no”, but in the end he auditioned and he is now being coached by the Armenian entrant in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest Hayko.

Despite the fact that the initiative to participate was not completely his, David did quite well in the audition. When he performed Juanes’s La camisa negra the coaches turned almost immediately.

Hayko was not the only Eurovision participant to turn, as the 2010 representative for Armenia, Eva Rivas, is a coach in the talent show, too.

The choice for Hayko was motivated by many things. David was enticed but the fame of the singer in Armenia. Besides, Hayko has translated Spanish songs such as Alejandro Sanz’s Corazón partío into Armenian. In my car I only play Spanish music, Hayko says, according to David.

Besides, As David states, he was recommended to go for Hayko because he is a wonderful and kind person. Something I have seen by myself, David stated.

David Rodríguez.

David Rodríguez has been living in Armenia for 7 months. He is from the Canary Islands and he began his dedication to music around three years ago. Apart from live performances in different places in Yerevan, he works as a Spanish language teacher in Armenia.

His steps in the Armenian show have reached the Spanish news. David is extremely satisfied with what he has done so far and he hopes to keep the flame of his dream alive for a long time.

It is a bit early now, but when you read David’s story you can only think of how much it might eventually resemble that of the Spanish representative in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Ruth Lorenzo also stepped onto the stage of a talent show in a foreign country. Her success in the British X Factor was the gateway to fame and it eventually led to her entry for Spain with Dancing in the rain. When asked about this, David recognizes that it is extremely soon to even accord a thought to this, but if he was offered the opportunity, he would be pleased to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest. Anyhow, so far he will focus on The Voice of Armenia…

The coaches of the talent show Hayko and Eva Rivas took part in the Eurovision Song Contest for Armenia in 2007 and 2010 respectively. Hayko sang Anytime you need. Eva Rivas performed Apricot stone.

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