Tina Karol presented new song

by Marcus Klier 184 views

Tina Karol, Ukrainian representative in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, has presented her new song called Lyublyu ego (I love him) at the seond day of the international music festival Tavriyskie igri in Kyiv. Furthermore, there was a photo session where her fans could enter the stage to take a photo with the singer and get her autograph.

Tina Karol about her performance: "…I'm especially glad that the song was presented on Tavriyskie igri. When thousands of visitors started singing along, I knew it would become a hit. Lyublyu ego is a sincere song about a simple feeling – love, but at the same time, just that feeling, just that simple word makes us happy…" During the show, Tina Karol has also performed her earlier hits Nochenka, Vishe oblakov, Pupsik and her song contest entry Show me your love.

In 2006, Tina Karol won the Ukrainian national final with the song I am you queen, which she has co-composed. With new lyrics and a new title, Show me your love finished 7th both in the semi final and in the final in Athens with 146 and 145 points respectively.