Alla Pugacheva launches her own radio station

by Yiorgos Kasapoglou 138 views

Russia's representative in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997 with the song Primadonna after having launched a shoe brand, a perfume, a magazine and a line of potato chips, is now launching her own radio station, Radio Alla.

Russia’s Primadonna, Alla Pugacheva, launches her own radio station, Radio Alla, where she will host a show and play her music every hour. "People are waiting for such a station," said Alexander Varin, head of Prof-Media Broadcasting Corporation, Pugachyova's partner in Radio Alla. "We all remember that popular joke from the Soviet era 'Who's that Leonid Brezhnev? -A minor political figure in the Alla Pugacheva era." Varin's company created last month an Alla-themed Internet radio station. It plays her songs, and nothing but, all day.

Pugacheva is perhaps the best known musical performer in Russia and she is considered to be the most successful Soviet and Russian performer in terms of record sales and popularity. In 1997, she represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin and finished 15th with the song Primadonna.

Her ex-husband, Filipp Kirkorov– who also represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1995 with the song Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana and this year co-wrote the Belarusian entry Work Your Magic, performed by Koldun– commented: "Everything that she puts her hand and her creativity to immediately acquires a definite status, a certain quality. Radio is a very good direction for her. Everything that happens with Alla Pugacheva is successful."