Denmark: MGP ticket sales start Friday, new logo & more

by Pete Lewis 356 views

Tickets for the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix go on sale from Friday, as the Danish broadcaster also unveils a new logo,the stage design for the 2015 contest and many more details.

Ticket sales start from 10:00 CET on Friday morning for the final at Aalborg’s Gigantium arena on February 7 2015. Tickets can be bought from

A new, simplistic logo (pictured above) replaces the previous star-themed logo that has been used in previous years. DR’s head of entertainment, Jan Lagermand Lundme said that the logo was created to stand the test of time.

It has been very important to find a logo that is both modern, looks to the future and can last many years. At the same time it should also look to the past; a logo that isn’t just trendy but is classical and sustainable.

DR also revealed that the slogan for next year’s competition will be ‘The dream lives’, and gave fans an insight on what the stage will look like in February. DR plans to have the stage shaped like the bow of a ship, and surrounded by water with a trapdoor in the middle for the presenters to emerge from.

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