The Netherlands: The Common Linnets go gold in Austria

by Roy Knoops 270 views

The Common Linnets, who represented The Netherlands at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark have had mixed luck during their European tour.

On the positive side, their tour is going extremely well, furthermore they have already received the gold status for both album and their Eurovision-single Calm After The Storm in Germany, and now also gold for their album in Austria. On the other hand, lead singer and founder of The Common Linnets-project, Dutch artist Ilse DeLange, was recently struck by pneumonia and had to re-schedule some concerts in Germany.

The Common Linnets are celebrating their succes throughout Europe with an autumn-tour, visiting several European countries. Their succes after the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 has already been rewarded with a double gold status in Germany, and now also Austria has given the group the gold status for their debut album. On 20 October they received the gold award for their achievement in Austria. On  21 October the band replied: Yesterday we received a gold award for our album in Austria!!!! Amazing! Thank you fans and Universal Austria!

However, the group has also encountered some set-back: lead singer Ilse DeLange recently contracted pneumonia during the tour, and thus had to cancel some of the planned concerts in Germany. The new dates for Hamburg and Cologne (Köln) will be:

Hamburg, Gruenspan: 4 November

Cologne/Köln, Stollwerck: 9 November

Tickets bought for the canceled shows remain valid on the new dates.

The Common Linnets are a pure country, bleugrass and folk initiative formed by Dutch singer-songwriter Ilse Delange. Together with artist Waylon, The Common Linnets represented The Netherlands at the ESC 2014 in Copenhagen, winning the first semi-final and eventually earning an honorable second place in the grand final with their song Calm After The Stormgaining a total 0f 238 points.

The Eurovision-entry became a huge European hit, and although Waylon deceided to leave the group in favour of his solo-career, The Common Linnets remain popular. They are currently touring through various European countries.

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