Germany: What is Nicole up to?

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Germany’s first Eurovision Song Contest winner was only 17 when she brought the victory to her country. An experienced musician now, she has kept on working hard after being awarded with 161 points in 1982.

As the 60th Eurovision Song Contest draws near, driven by the signification of the such a special anniversary of the long-lived European competition, the press’s attention all over the continent turns to the past participants. We could read about Remedios Amaya last week thanks to the Spanish paper ABC. Now the Austrian journal Kurier brings us the story of the girl who took the victory to Germany for the very first time, after 26 unsuccessful entries. Nicole, 17 years old then, 50 quite soon, is nowadays a dedicated musician. Just like she has been for the past 32 years.

As Kurier relates, Nicole became famous in Harrogate with her winning Eurovision entry Ein bisschen frieden. With her song she called out for peace. And she still does. In her own words, I notice that the desire for peace is so strong among the people… I’ll never get tired of this song. In fact it seems that her public does not let her get tired of it anyhow; apparently, she must sing Ein bisschen frieden at every concert. People would beat me if I didn’t, Nicole adds.

She holds warm memories of the night of 24 April 1982, when she won. It was not simply Germany’s first win. She sang before a 600 million people audience and took the hearts of the juries. To me that time was a child’s dream come true, she says.

Nicole won, became famous and went on working and dedicating herself to her career, renewing her sounds and themes, staying away from clichés and always searching for something new.

After millions of albums sold, the singer brings her 26th record on her 50th birthday (which she will celebrate on 25 October). Das ist mein weg is the title. And it brings jazz, pop, rock and gospel. As she explained (with a humorous touch), she wanted to surprise and show that you can make good German lyrics that move away from the Trallala. I was never the pure schlager-aunt.

Nicole’s upcoming album.

When it comes to her life out of the studios and stages, she has kept a cozy, familiar profile. The family is my everything, she states. Married for 30 years, two children and one granddaughter, Nicole is visibly proud and fond of her family.

No sugar, no fat, no sweets

There is something else Nicole can still boast about, and that is her figure. She has taken so much care of her diet, avoiding fat and sweets, that she can still put on the dress she wore on the stage in Harrogate on the evening of her Eurovision victory. The famous fight against the scale, she says. And she can verify that, because she has kept that outfit at home. I put it on a mannequin that stands in my hallway, she explained.

Concerts in churches

For the past five years Nicole has been working in live performances in churches. Since her new album contains a few real killers, which might result a bit unbecoming in such a setting, she is planning to put those performance on stand-by. Besides, she wants to stroll again on the stage and go from A to B. That doesn’t work well in a church. Nevertheless, she expects to come back to concerts in temples in the future.

The future

Nicole will go out on her anniversary tour in the spring next year, singing her greatest hits with no more medleys.

The singer is in her 50s, but when asked whether she feels old she retorts a blunt not at all! To her this is a moment to pull a little balance. And I still have the second half of my life before me.

Very much celebrated, Nicole’s entry for Germany Ein bisschen frieden is a Eurovision classic, and it was in the run for the best song in the 50th Anniversary gala of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005.

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