Spain: The indefatigable David Bustamante

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The Spanish singer is a non-stop source of news. And quite pleasant ones. His charitable activity continues. The promotion of his latest work carries on and he has been awarded by a magazine.

David Bustamante keeps his fans readily informed of his deeds and stories through his Facebook page. A quick look is sufficient to realize how busy he is and how much he accomplishes.

On 15 October the music video of his song Vivir was released in the Vevo Channel in YouTube, something that clearly made him proud.

David is quite committed with his collaboration with the SuperWoman campaign for the fight against breast cancer. 19 October was the International Day against the disease, an appointment with the cause that he did not miss. As part of the SuperWoman action, David sent a message to the women touched by breast cancer and those involved in the struggle against this condition.

His efforts giving his best at what he does do not go unnoticed, and recognition (apart form that of his fans, of course) crossed his path on 20 October when the Best Musician Award was bestowed upon him by the magazine Cosmopolitan during the gala that took place in the Ritz Hotel in Madrid.

Busy, right? Well, let’s see what comes next. Knowing David, it will be a lot; it will be good; and it will certainly be soon.

David Bustamante was one of the candidates for the Spanish entry at the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest after being the third qualified participant of the talent show Operación Triunfo. Rosa López sang Europe’s living a celebration for Spain that year, accompanied by her fellow Operación Triunfo contestants David Bustamante, David Bisbal, Chenoa, Gisela and Geno.

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