Estonia: Celebrating 35 years of ABBA

by Jarmo Siim 152 views

In the upcoming Õllesummer festival to be held in Tallinn, Estonia, between 4-8th July, on the last day a concert celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Swedish pop phenomen ABBA is going to be held.

So farTanel Padar (winner of the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest) and Lenna Kuurmaa (lead singer of the Estonian group Vanilla Ninja which represented Switzerland in2005) have recorded an Estonian version of ABBA's winning song Waterloo from the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest.

Kuurmaa commented on the song that 'Waterloo is the most played and covered song from ABBA but our version is also very cool. Tanel's and my voice make the song sound very different from ABBA's original version, not to mention it's in Estonian'. You can listen to the song here.

The single to be released in Estonia is a preview for the concert that is celebrating the 35 years of ABBA. Many Estonian singers are going to perform ABBA's hits at the concert. Amoung others Ines (Estonian representative at the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest), Ivo Linna (1996) and Gerly Padar (2007). Dave Benton who won the Eurovision Song Contest together with Tanel Padar in 2001 is also going to perform.

The concert is going to be held on 8th Julyat the Õllesummer festival taking place at the Tallinn Song Festival grounds. It's one of the largest festivals in Estonia and has a tradition of dedicating one concert at the festival to one artist.