Eurovision winner Marie N works on career

by Sietse Bakker 197 views

In September, Eurovision Song Contest 2002 winner Marie N visited Greece, Germany and Romania to sing. This month Marie N visited Austria and Russia and the upcoming weeks she will travel to Slovenia as well as next year. A new album is coming up.

In December, Marie N will release her new album. The title will be Noslepumi in Latvian and Secrets in English.

On January 11th and 12th Marija Naumova will give a number of solo concerts in the Latvian National Opera. After that, Marie N will visit the Slovenian national final EMA in Ferbuary 2003 to perform her winning song I Wanna.

Rumours say that Marie N has a chance she will host the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 in Latvia. She said that “it's very well possible”. LTV will present the hosts at November 29.

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