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Tommy Seebach started his magnificent career with the Danish rock �n roll band Sir Henry, for whom he composed his fist song at the age of 15. He stayed with the band for twelve years but in the latter years he also released some solo albums, which turned out to be so popular that he decided to leave Sir Henry. It was at that time he became famous as one of the best keyboard players in pop and rock, called to London several times to assist musicians with their records.

When Denmark chose to re-enter the Eurovision Song Contest, Tommy Seebach saw the opportunity to give his career a different aspect. In 1979 he wrote the song Disco Tango for the Danish final. The song was officially supposed to be sung by the Danish singer Gitte Hænning, who entered for Germany in 1973. At the last moment she surprisingly turned down the offer and without time to find a new singer, Tommy decided to sing the song himself. That songwas the beginning of a long career which made him loved and known by everyone in Denmark.

Through the ‘80s he got the nickname “King of Danish Eurovision”. He participated seven times in the Danish finals and won three of them, in 1979, 1981 and 1993. Among the non-Eurovision songs from this period are Du’ Det Dejligste which is also recorded in a version with Kirsten and Søren (Hoteyes) and Du Skælder Mig Hele Tiden Ud, a duet with Anette Heick – the daughter of Keld Heick, with whom Tommy worked with his Eurovision songs in the ‘80s.

1993 was the turning point in his career and in his life. It started out so well with the victory in the Danish final, which was decided by televoting and he was a very clear number one and everyone was praising him. Two months later, he became one of the most hated people in Denmark after the bad position in Ireland, which resulted in Denmark not being able to participate in the 1994 Contest. The press and the population who had recently given him the victory now turned their backs upon him. 1993 also brought the end of his marriage. Just a few months after the ESC, his wife left him and in the following years he didn’t have much contact with his children either.

In the years 1999 and 2000 he suddenly found himself as a cult figure in discos with the young people who remembered him and his songs from their childhood.
The last few years of his life was one long struggle to maintain his life as a musician, but the offers he got were only in small places like bars and clubs.
In 2001 he collapsed with a heart attack caused by the alcohol abuse which started in 1993. After a long time in hospital, he got back on his feet again playing the music he loved, but the time as a cult figure was over. His early achievements were no longer recognized. The love and the joy for the music was still there, but the record companies no longer had faith in him.
On 31st of March 2003 it was over, he collapsed in the street on his way to work at "Bakken", a smaller amusement park north of Copenhagen.
Tommy Seebach, who died at the age of 53, probably ended his life as a very lonely and bitter man. But he will forever have a place in the heart of many Eurovision fans.

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