Norway: Maria Haukaas to headline Parodi Grand Prix

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 201 views

The 2008 Norwegian Eurovision representative Maria Haukas has confirmed today that she will be attending the 10 years anniversary  special show of the popular Norwegian Parodi Melodi Grand Prix, a very popular Eurovision fan event in the Nodic country.

Parodi Grand Prix is the biggest annual Eurovision fan event in Norway. This year the show was held for the 10th time, and on 15 November there will be a special edition with the best acts from the last ten editions of the show. Today the 2008 Norwegian representative has confirmed her presence in the show.

Parodi Grand Prix is a show and competition very much in the style of  the Eurovision Song Contest, where the competing entries are funny versions and parodies former Eurovision classics and dogs. The participants are a mix of professional and amateur actors and singers.

The show was born ten years ago as an amateur show at a local pub in Bergen, Norway, but has grown immensely since then. Qualification heats are  held in several cities throught Norway, and the best acts meet in Bergen for the grand national final every year.

The grand final is annually held at the Grieghallen, the 1986 Eurovision venue in Bergen. Grieghallen will also be hosting the 10th anniversary special show this year.

In previous editions of the show international acts like Kikki Danielsson (Sweden 1982 and 1985), Charmed (Norway 2000), Baccara (Luxembourg 1978) and Sandra Kim (Belgium 1986) have taken part in the show. Norwegian national finalists like Kathrine Strugstad (Norway 2005 and 2006), Queentastic (Norway 2006), Kim Fairchild (Norway 1993) and Jenny Jenssen have also been competing in the Grand Prix of parodies.

For this special anniversary version of the show, the best acts from the past 10 editions of the contest will be in the running. In addition to this, Maria Haukaas Mittet the 2008 Norwegian Eurovision representative will join the competing acts.

Maria represented Norway at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade with her entry Hold on be strong, achieving an honorable 5th placing in the grand final.

Maria has gained name, fame and recognition in Norway since her Eurovision days. She is among the most sought after artists in Norway today having established herself as a big artist in her homeland. She has featured in various TV shows. She has been out of the spotlight recently as she gave birth to a baby. Her fans will be happy to know that she’s gonna strike back soon with a brand new album, scheduled to be released on 20 October.

On  15 November  she will join the fans in Norways biggest annual Eurovision fan event at the Parodi Grand Prix.

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