The Netherlands: The Common Linnets start their European tour

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The Common Linnets, the country-bluegrass initiave around Dutch singer Ilse DeLange, has kicked of their European tour today, 5 October 2014.

First venue will be the music building TivoliVredenburg in the Dutch city Utrecht. From there, The Common Linnets will visit the United Kingdom, Belgium, Switserland, Germany, Austria, and back to The Netherlands.

The Common Linnets represented The Netherlands at this years’ Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark, eventually earning the second place in the grand final. Their Eurovision entry, Calm After The Storm, and their subsequent album, went on to become a huge success across Europe. To celebrate this, the band, centered around Dutch artist Ilse DeLange, will embark on an autumn tour across Europe.

Although Ilse’s singing partner and one-time Common Linnet Waylon has left the group in favour of his solo-career, The Common Linnets are still going strong. During the tour, Ilse DeLange will be joined by producer and singer-songwriter JB Meijers, who first came up with the song Calm After The Storm, and American singer-songwriters Jake Etheridge, Rob Crosby, and Matthew Crosby, who all have worked on the The Common Linnets’ debut album. When performing in The Netherlands, The Common Linnets will also include solo material form Ilse DeLange.

After earning the second place at Eurovision, The Common Linnets enjoyed international success, not only topping the national album chart in The Netherlands for weeks in a row, but also reaching number one in variuous music charts in fourteen countries with their Eurovision-single, Calm After The Storm. Both single and album have reached dubble platinum status.

You can find the tour dates here

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