United Kingdom: Cliff Richard brings security to British couple

by Pete Lewis 264 views

Cliff Richard, the United Kingdom’s representative at the 1968 and 1973 editions of the Eurovision Song Contest, has been playing bodyguard to a woman from Norfolk.

David Stolworthy put together a life-size replica doll of Cliff Richard and placed it in his wife’s car to make her feel more secure when driving alone.

We thought it would be particularly useful when Jill is driving on her own, especially at night, so it looks like there is a male passenger.

We even had him in the shed for a while, dressed in a high-visibility jacket and holdling a broom – just in case anybody broke in.

The doll sits in the back of Jill Stolworthy’s car whenever she travels. Speaking to the BBC, she said that the doll has helped ease her worries when driving by herself at night.

The head was bought from a car boot sale, and the body made from MDF and a cushion.

On why he made the doll, Mr Stolworthy claimed I’ve got too much time on my hands since I retired.

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