Hugh Grant for the UK?

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Would Hugh Grant represent the UK in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest? Could he? The popular British hearthrob said he was interested in a recent interview with Future movies. But was he serious?

With the release of the DVD of his latest movie Music and Lyrics, where he plays a washed up singer who is given a two day deadline to come up with a smash hit song, Hugh Grant gave an interview about his relationship with singing, live performing, concerts and the Eurovision Song Contest.

"Can we expect to see you maybe try out for the Eurovision Song Contest next year then?" asked the reporter. And Hugh answered: "Yes, definitely keep your fingers crossed for a Eurovision entry from me. The very first record I ever bought was Puppet On A String, which was Sandie Sure sic wasn't it? That was Eurovision at its best!". Well, at least having heard of Sandie Sure (?) is a beginning.

But there seem to be a few tiny details that could possibly hinder Hugh's career in our favourite contest. First of all, according to him, his friends have always teased him as he was never too keen on music : "Puppet On A String, Godspell – that's about my entire record collection in a sentence." Then there is his inability to sing live: "I couldn't believe how clever the computers are now. You can literally bark like a dog and it comes back like Pavarotti. It's unbelievable." A little dancing maybe? Don't think so, as Hugh declares bravely: "I literally have no dance in me. At 7 o'clock in the morning, in front of a bunch of extras, for the first time in my career I had to resort to alcohol. It had quite a nice day in the end actually."

"We take it you're not the biggest fan of music and concerts…", continues the Future movies reporter, "I've been to about three concerts or gigs in my life and I hated every single one of them."

Well, that could just be because he has obviously not been to a Eurovision Song Contest yet. It's never too late Hugh, make sure you book early for a good seat in the arena. Unless you're on stage. Then you don't need to struggle for tickets.

You can read the entire interview here.

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Stella Floras

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