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With one more stop to go, this year's Eurovision Song Contest Winner's Tour is drawing towards its end. The overall impression is that the idea proved to be a very successful one, as Marija Serifovic and the contest itself have enjoyed tremendous media exposure in the countries the tour visited.

Today, Marija spent the day in a rainy Athens, driven around town in a luxurious bus limousine equipped with the latest electronic technology, Marija made an appearance in a popular morning show on Alpha TV where she performed Molitva for the Greek audiences. Afterwards, she was driven to the Serbian embassy, where she was awaited by members of the Greek press and many Serbians who had gathered to meet her with flowers and hearts painted on their hands and faces.

In a tightly packed press room, an exhausted, stressed but cheerful and obliging Marija was interviewed briefly by most major Greek media, OGAE Greece and There was tremendous time pressure as Marija had to leave shortly to participate in a radio programme on Lampsi FM, followed by a live appearance on the popular Sunday night show Poly tin Kyriaki, on Mega channel.

"I have to sit down" says Marija "this has been exhausting!".

"In your song you pray for love, what was your Molitva?" we asked Marija : '"I prayed to God to give me that victory only if I was worthy of it. I am a religious person – not a freak mind you", she laughs meaning that she is not a fanatic. "So that was my prayer".

Our next question started "No pyrotechnics, no nudity, no show" before we had the chance to finish the sentence Marija nodded enthusiastically "Yes, yes that was the key". "What would you advise artists that wish to participate in the next Eurovision Song Contest" we continued: "Well, that is a big argument. Last year Lordi won, we had rock. This year there were a lot of rock songs. The year before it was Helena, same thing, a lot of similar songs followed. I do not like copies" she tells us "copies cannot succeed. You need to come up with a song that will leave people open mouthed. That is my advice!"

Marija promised to be back in Athens on June 3rd to appear on Greek television and attend a lounge party that will be organised for her. Stay tuned for more information!

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