Russia: Dima and Yulia at VEGAS mall

by Jessica Weaver 215 views

Dima Bilan and Yulia Yolkova, who have both previously represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest, will perform at MUZ TV’s Party Zone event at the VEGAS shopping mall this weekend.

The Party Zone event will air live on MUZ TV where numerous well known artists will appear and perform at the show. A total of eight acts will appear on the VEGAS mall stage with free admission to the public. The show will air for a total of one hour and thirty minutes where, along with live music, members of the public will be able to leave messages for their loved ones.

Two big names appearing at the event include 2006 and 2008 Russian representative Dima Bilan and former t.A.T.u. (Russia 2003) member Yulia Volkova, both of whom will be performing some of their popular hits. Other artists appearing at the event include Egor Creed, 3G and Ligalize.

Dima Bilan & Yulia Volkova – Back to her future

The big event takes places tomorrow, Sunday 28 September, at 17:00 CET (19:00 local time). More details regarding the show can be found here on the MUZ TV website.

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