meets D�Nash at Senate Square

by Victor Hondal 75 views has had the pleasure of interviewing the Spanish boyband in the Senate Square, centre of Helsinki. After attending the Spanish Embassy to hold a meeting with the Spanish ambassador, D�Nash came to the Senate Square where several fans and media were waiting for them. Their stay in Helsinki, their present feelings and their plans if they win the Contest are some of the topics they talked about to

Are you enjoying your stay in Helsinki?

Yes, we are really happy to be here. It is being a great experience and people are treating us very well. The city of Helsinki is completely into Eurovision, so we are really happy.

You have visited the Spanish Embassy. You know that you will be the Spanish ambassadors this Saturday. How do you feel two days before the event?

Yes, we have just come back from the Embassy. It has been amazing: the ambassador and his wife have treated us really well. About how are we feeling two days before the event, we think we are not nervous. Maybe tomorrow or on Saturday we will be, but not now. We do not have enough time now to think about the nerves. We are happy because the work we are doing is good and we have possibilities to get a good place in the final.