EBU: Eurovision movie & musical

by Jarmo Siim 228 views

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) held a press conference today at Helsinki talking about their future plans. They include a movie as well as a possible musical based on the past of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The first announcement stated that the EBU has signed a contract with a feature film company who is known for the movies "Nothing Hill" and "Love actually". The company will make a film about the Eurovision Song Contest with a touch of comedy. It's going to premier in 2008.

The second statement said that there are negotiations held to produce an Eurovision Song Contest themed musical. Thiswould include songs from the past of the Eurovision Song Contest. Hopefully this willhappen also in 2008.

Eurovision Dance Contest

The EBU isgoing to organise a new contest called the EurovisionDance Contest.It will be held in London in September and 13 countries are going to take part in it.

Concering the results from yesterday's semifinal, a question about the possible withdrawal of some of the countries arose at the press conference. The Director of Eurovision TV, Bjørn Erichsenanswered: "We do not fear that this will happen as the Eurovision Song Contest offers high time prime entertainment for a low price."

Almost traditionally the question of Italy's possible return was asked. Erichsen replied to this: "We want Italy back in the contest (…) Slovakia indicate they may return next year, and that they are trying their best to persuade Italy to return. One day we'll find someone there who agrees that Italy should return."