Palestinians wants to tell a different story

by Ilari Karhapää 3,445 views

The Palestinian Eurovision partners PBC, Sabreen and Superflex held a press conference today in the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki. They stated that they have applied for the full EBU membership in Geneva and the decision should be made at the EBU�s Administration board meeting on 23rd May.

The Palestinian organisationswant to tell the big audiences a different story. There’s more to Palestinians than the images we get from the TV-news and the Eurovision Song Contest would be a perfect platform to make it known through the music.

As Palestine is not actually a country recognised internationally yet, there is a unique statushere and theyhave asked EBU to treat them with a high flexibility. “It is a win-win situation for all parties” says Fadia, the woman in charge for the Palestinian Eurovision project. “We are here for love, peace and unity. We have potential in our young artists. For us the Eurovision is a celebration of diversity and unity. EBU is ready to accept us if we fulfil certain conditions".

When asked if they are prepared to wait three years she told it is not a problem, they have a project and it gives them time to prepare. They will broadcast the contest in next two years and participate in 2010 if everything goes well. She made the promise that if and whenthey participate they will fully accept the contest’s rules and act upon them. Also collaborations with Israeli artists and song writers is not out of the question.

A few questions followed around the subject of the possible entry and its style. “Modern but traditional, we shouldn’t forget our own music. Oriental mixed with other styles from hip hop to rock. I cannot promise naked girls or drag queens to get attention though!”

Fadia assured the journalists thatnot all Palestinians are fundamentalists. The vast majority of the people are pro-European and do care about the Eurovision Song Contest even if they also have a lot of other things to think about. They are committed to joining the Eurovision Song Contest. One of the spoke persons is Jörgen Olsen, the Danish Eurovision winner in 2001.

Earlier this week, this year's Israeli Eurovision Song Contest participants, Teapacks, called for Palestinian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest, saying it is almost certain that Israel would give them their twelve points and they hope that they would receive points in return, as Israel is one of the countries suffering from a lack of neighbours.

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