Italy/Spain: A Mediterranean duet

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A Italian-Spanish latino cocktail is being stirred and shaken by two Eurovision stars.

The Italian Eurovision entrant Emma Marrone and the Spanish singer David Bisbal sang together in the Arena di Verona in Italy at the beginning of July. David was a guest artist at Emma’s concert, one of the many that made up the first set of performances in Marrone’s tour this summer.

The two Eurovision stars sang a new version of an already existing Bisbal’s single, Hombre de tu vida. In this new latino combination Emma Marrone performs parts of the song in Italian and Spanish. The interpretation of the single by the two Mediterranean artists was so convincing and powerful that both of them and the record labels set the engines in motion for releasing the recording of the refreshed single, which is being broadcast by radio stations in Italy and Spain.

Emma Marrone is moving on after her participation at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Her tour has had her busy this summer and now she has plans for stepping out into other markets beyond Italy. Spain and Latin America appear to be the places to start with for her. Singing in Spanish is no ordeal for Emma. And the collaboration with the Spanish latino music star looks like the best first move for opening the doors to the Spanish-speaking world, as David Bisbal’s success in those countries is unquestionable.

Hombre de tu vida is one of the songs in David Bisbal’s album Tú y yo, already available in Spain and Latin America and to be released in Italy on 23 September.

Emma Marrone is set and ready to fly abroad, holding hands with David Bisbal for her first attempt. Certainly a strong support for the task.

Emma Marrone represented Italy in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with La mia città.

David Bisbal was in the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest as a backing singer when Rosa performed Europe’s living a celebration for Spain.

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