Denmark: A new Emmelie in Drunk tonight video

by Luke Borg 1,185 views

After the release of Emmelie de Forest’s newest single Drunk tonight last week, comes the sultry music video for the track.

The video is different from all the other previously produced for the 21 year old Danish singer. In the video, Emmelie almost naked for most of the video ignores her ex who wants her back. The single and video is the first from Emmelie’s second studio album and it seems she’s ready to let go of her Only teardrops look and start a new adventure.

The video was directed by Mike Spooner mostly known for P.I.S. – Politiets indsatsstyrke: Pilot.

The single was written in Los Angeles, California by Emmelie herself, Rune Westberg and the co-writer of the worldwide hit by Miley Cyrus Wrecking ball, MoZella.


Emmelie de Forest won the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 for Denmark with Only teardrops.

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