Spain: Soraya Arnelas’s sexy night in Ibiza

by Fernando Méndez 2,294 views

The Spanish singer Soraya Arnelas performed in one of the parties scheduled for this summer in Ibiza. Sexy sounds a bit mild to describe it…

Soraya Arnelas seems to never wear out. We have seen her on television and head of the promotion of her latest works. You would think that she might want to take a break.

Ibiza, La Isla Blanca (the White Isle) might sound like the nicest spot for a pause. And Soraya was there last Monday. But you it does not look like she was resting. The Spanish entrant in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest made an appearance at one of the Café Olé parties which take place in Space Ibiza every Monday from 16 June to 15 September 2014.

Soraya’s performance last Monday took place in the Café Olé Erótica party. Do I need to say any more…? I think not… And you can always check the gallery. She enjoyed herself and made the people there enjoy their time in Ibiza.

Soraya Arnelas represented Spain in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with her song La noche es para mí.

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