UPD – 2 15. Marija the mentor: Serbian takes control

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There was already a long queue of international journalists lining up at Hartwall before the arena opened for the first rehearsal of the day, Marija Serifovic's Molitva. At one the most anticipated rehearsals of the day, Marija acted as both vocalist and vocal coach to her group of support singers on stage.

The backing singers' costumes have changed, and they now appear with black trilby hats, white shirts and black trousers and short jackets. Marija herself appeared casually dressed in a long-sleeved T-shirt and jeans, so there is still no hint of her final outfit for the big night.

Star, coach and mentor
Marija's vocal seemed a more tentative at first, and in the second run through she left out various parts of the lyric, singing with her back to the audience, facing the backing vocalists. It soon became clear that she and her support artists were treating today's runs as a vocal warm-up on stage, with Marija taking the role of mentor and vocal coach, leading the group through a couple of tight, acappella choruses of Molitva. The final performance of the song was another amazingly strong one, powerfully projected by Marija and richly supported by the other vocalists on stage.

Support seems to grow and grow in the hall for this one, with cheers from the very first run through. Marija seems extremely confident on stage, but also very appreciative of the audience's support, which she acknowledged during the rehearsal.

Press conference

Marija's 2nd press conference finished moments ago. The Serbian delegation kept its promise and before any question Marija sang a part of her entry in Russian. Right after the delegation explained the meaning of the painted heart at their hands – the same one features on Marija's cd cover- saying that it's a prayer for love, peace…and Marija added: ''Sex!'', making all of us laughing.

Marijapromised that "Serbia will be in the Final of the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest" , she said that she likes to sing Beyonce and Whitney Houston, she sang in room one of her own songs, revealed that her and the backing vocalists will wear Dolce & Gabbana on stage.

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