Black leather and Swarovski for Julija

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4Fun talked to the Lithuanian press on Friday in an extremely well attended press conference organised by LRT. 50 members of the local press gathered to get the latest information on this year's Lithuanian Eurovision entry and wish their contestants good luck. The band appeared in the actual outfits they will be wearing on stage in Helsinki and spoke about their show, their favourites and made their predictions for the winner among other things.

Julija and her bandreceived the presswearing the actual outfits they will be performing in designed by Aleksandras Pogrebnojus and Vida Simanavičiūtė. Julija will be wearing black stretch trousers, black leather jacket and she will probably be playing a Swarovski crystal inlaid guitar. The band will decide whether or not to use this 5 kilo guitar depending on the lighting arrangements on stage. The rest of the band will be dressed in black as well, in hats and dark glasses highly reminiscent of the Blues Brothers.

Julija, who looks incredibly different to the woman who won the Lithuanian final having had a complete makeover, said: "First of all, I think that Eurovision Song Contest is primarily a song contest, that's why this year we will be as subtle as possible for Eurovision. We have chosen a classy style to accentuate the lyrics and the wholeness of the song".
The shadow theatre that 4Fun used in the Lithuanian final stays that is why the designer A. Pogrebnojus has decided to dress the whole band in black and white. The performance will focus on the shadows and possibly the highly impressive Swarovski guitar.

Julija also talked about the band's favourites in this year's contest which are Hungary and Germany, they do predict, though, that Sweden will be the possible winner.

The single CD of Love or leave has been released. Besides the Eurovision entry, it also contains the original song version in Lithuanian, called Mėlyna �vaig�dė (Blue star), the instrumental version and the remixes.

The 18 member Lithuanian delegation is leaving for Helsinki on Sunday at midday and they are scheduled to have their first rehearsal on Monday May 7th at 13.10. They have been invited to many delegation parties but their plans have not been laid out as yet.

Click here to see Julija as she will appear on the Hartwaal Arena stage, courtesy of Arvydas Makselis.

Click here to see the entire band in their Eurovision outfits.

A very special thanks to Arvydas Makselis for his contribution to the article and the photographs.

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