Spain: Soraya Arnelas’s nominations in Extremadura

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The Spanish singer Soraya Arnelas was nominated for a music award in her local region.

The Premios Sonora de la Música Extremeña (Sonora Extremaduran Music Awards) were granted last Friday, 13 June in a ceremony at the Museo Pradilla in Cáceres, Spain.

The Spanish representative in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest Soraya Arnelas was one of the nominees for this recognition to artists from the Region of Extremadura.

The awards are organized by the Sonora Association for the Extremaduran Music, which was created to promote the music industry in the Region. Eight categories were granted by members of the Extremaduran Music Academy. The winner of one more category, stand-out band, was chosen through a vote on the internet.

In the sixth edition of the Sonora Awards Soraya was nominated in two categories: Best Video (for Plastic) and Best Musical Ambassador. Unfortunately, both awards went to other artists.

Still, Soraya Arnelas has been awarded many other accolades during her career and everyone can be sure that she will have more in the future.

Soraya Arnelas was the Spanish entrant in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with La noche es para mí.

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