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by Benny Royston 42 views

Thursday 4th May 2007 marks a great milestone for as we pass the 500,000 video views mark on youtube. This is a staggering achievement and far surpassing any of our wildest expectations when we decided to launch our youtube channel just six short months ago. was not the first Eurovision Song Contest website to harness the power of video, in fact we were quite late into the scene due to financial constraints that we operate under. However, in six months, the site has become the leading source of exclusive Eurovision Song Contest footage. We have added videos from national final interviews, unique backstage footage concert appearances and interviews with singers from Reykjavik to Athens and many places in between.

We have three cameras active in Helsinki, named Istanbul, Kyiv and Athens, and after the Eurovision Song Contest venues that we have filmed footage from in the past. They will be sent to different countries after the 2007 event in order to continue bringing as much footage as possible in the months and years to come from all over Europe. We also aim to purchase a fourthcamera in the next year (which will of course be named Helsinki) as we will be aiming to cover more national finals, more artists, more interviews, more performances and more moments for fans to reach back to and revisit whenever they want.

This site is dedicated to bringing as much unique and relevant Eurovision Song Contest and related footage to our readers and will continue to regularly update our video channel.We would also like to thank the editorial team for digging deep into their own pockets once again to invest more than 1,500 euros in two new cameras and equipment so that we can increase the amount of footage that we can deliver. Once again, all reader donations are greatly received and all money will be invested in maintaining and improving the amount of coverage and news that we can deliver. You can help us meet these goals by donating here.

We would also like to thank the many broadcasters, artists and management companies that have given permission for us to use their material and to allow our cameras to visit them, and most of all, to thank our readers and the visitors to youtube that have helped establish as the leading provider of Eurovision video footage in such a short space of time.

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