Malta: Celebrating World Blood Donors Day with Eurovision stars

by Luke Borg 282 views

Saturday 14th June is World Blood Donor Day and the National Blood Transfusion Service in Malta is organizing a huge event to help the provision of blood.

There’s nothing better than using your popularity to help others, and that’s what Eurovision stars in Malta will do at this event. Amongst the guests, there will be:

  • Firelight (2014)
  • Gianluca (2013, 2014)
  • Kurt Calleja (2012)
  • Gaia Cauchi (Winner JESC 2013)
  • La Voix Academy (Opening act MESC 2014)
  • Ġorġ u Pawlu (Interval act MESC 2013, 2014)

Other dance schools and NGO’s will be there to help too. The president of Malta will also be there to make a small speech about the World Blood Donor Day.

The event will take place in the square in front of Hospital San Luqa in Gwardamangia on Saturday 14th June between 9:00am and 3:00pm.

Event poster


Donate blood and save a life!

Stay tuned to for more news from Malta and the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 encourages the Maltese public to attend this event and donate blood to help others in need.