Eurovision fans start a petition

by Edwin van Gorp 88 views

Earlier today, several Eurovision fans started an on-line petition in order to persuade the European Broadcasting Union to take subtitling into use at the Eurovision Song Contest, starting next year.

In 6 different languages, these fans have the following statement:

Dear decision-makers of the European Broadcasting Union and its member countries,

In Finland, there is a long tradition about using subtitles for the songs in the ESC (Eurovision Song Contest). It is commonly used for example for translating dialog lines of foreign films and TV serials into Finnish or Swedish.

Subtitles help many people. Those who do not speak foreign languages get a chance to understand them. Also many hearing-impaired people benefit of subtitles, if they do not manage to hear the sound properly. Nowadays there has also been diagnosed different cases of learning difficulties, who get a big help through subtitles.

Many people want to understand the message of the songs in ESC. Many artists perform their song in English because of that, as it is understood more widely than other languages. The consequence is however that the choice of languages in ESC has faded away, many European languages have not been heard there for years, and more and more artists and record companies think that their song needs English to get success. But we TV viewers would like to hear songs in many languages, and subtitles could help in this situation.

We undersigned would like every TV broadcasting company participating into the ESC taking into use an optional possibility for subtitling, starting from ESC 2008. Subtitles should be available for every TV viewer. We also would like TV viewers to be well informed about this opportunity.

If you agree with the initiators of this petition, you can sign it here.

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