Part 1 – Lady sings the blues: Talking with Magdi Rúzsa

by Steve Holyer 121 views

Magdi Rúzsa left her job in Serbia as a maternity nurse in order to travel to Budapest in search of a music career; she was hardly in her 20s. Determination and talent paid off when she won Hungary's pop idol casting show Megasztars last year. Next she was voted the best Hungarian Newcomer 2007 which gave her the chance to gain much wider exposure when she represents Hungary in the the next Eurovision Song Contest. Magdi took time out of her preparations late last week to talk to about her passion for singing.

Before I spoke with Magdi, I wasn't sure what to expect from her. I knew she had a strong, powerful voice, and I felt the energy in her videos was infectious. Talking to her, I discovered an open, approachable, determined young woman who laughs easily – and really, really loves her job making music.

This is what we talked about.

I've been watching your new video for the song Hip Hop. That song is awesome.

I am glad you like it, thanks. Actually this is a cover song that our publisher arranged for the album. It was written by Carl Restivo and Wyclef Jean, and the Hungarian lyrics were written by my producer. I like this song too. It is a funny one, great for the sunny springtime! (smiles)

You're already promoting a new song while preparing for the contest. That's a lot of work isn't it?

Well, yes, but this is my job, passion, love and life! So why not to do it? (laughs)

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The video for your Eurovision Song Contest entry is great too. How do you like making videos? Was it your first video?

Yes, the Hungarian version of the video Aprócska blues – here was my first ever video, it took one long, long day. And, during the shooting my tooth started to ache very much, so I had to take some medicine, and also drink a little spirit for it. It was very realistic on the video, how I suffered! (laughs)

I like making videos, it's a lot of fun, and it is a very creative job. In the second video I already had much more input, and I could give my ideas to it.

Is there something you don't like about making videos?

What I don’t like? You wait a very long time for them to arrange lights and things; the real shooting time is far less than the length of the shooting.