Eurovision 2014: What do the betting odds predict for semi-final 2?

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The second semi-final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest will take place tomorrow night. In this article, we will share the current betting odds for the second semi-final of this year’s contest in Copenhagen.

Tomorrow night, 15 countries will compete for a place in the Grand Final on Saturday, with only 10 countries to qualify. Here is the list of the countries competing in the first-semi in their running order:

  1. [Malta] Malta

  2. [Israel] Israel

  3. [Norway] Norway

  4. [Georgia] Georgia

  5. [Poland] Poland

  6. [Austria] Austria

  7. [Lithuania] Lithuania

  8. [Finland] Finland

  9. [Ireland] Ireland

  10. [Belarus] Belarus

  11. [FYR Macedonia] FYR Macedonia

  12. [Switzerland] Switzerland

  13. [Greece] Greece

  14. [Slovenia] Slovenia

  15. [Romania] Romania


Have the bookies predicted a Eurovision winner based on the current odds?

According to, the 10 qualifiers will be:

  1. [Romania] Romania – 1/33

  2. [Greece] Greece – 1/20

  3. [Norway] Norway – 1/20

  4. [Austria] Austria – 1/8

  5. [Malta] Malta – 1/5

  6. [Israel] Israel – 1/5

  7. [Finland] Finland – 1/4

  8. [Ireland] Ireland – 2/7

  9. [Poland] Poland – 2/5

  10. [Switzerland] Switzerland – 2/5

The least favourite countries to qualify are FYR Macedonia and Georgia, who each have odds at 9/4 and 7/2.


Every year, each of the OGAE fan clubs vote on who they think will win Eurovision. Despite only looking at the overall contest, and not each semi-final individually, it’s clear to see who the OGAE believe will qualify, based on the rankings, with the top five semi final one countries being Israel, Austria, Norway, Greece and Ireland. The bottom three: FYR Macedonia, Georgia, Lithuania.

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