Today: Schedule for 7 May

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We’re live at the Eurovision Song Contest, and all the big events in Copenhagen, with our team on the ground to bring you the best coverage from every corner of the city. 

Events around Copenhagen

There are a number of events planned in Copenhagen today, including:

  • Wonderful Weddings – Get married during Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen! The City of Copenhagen has an extraordinary offer for all gay and straight couples looking to tie the knot in an unforgettable way.
  • Glitter party at 66 – LGBT Film Festival MIX Copenhagen celebrates Eurovision Song Contest at Block 66 in Copenhagen in the best glitter style ever.
  • MIX Copenhagen presents: Cupcakes in cinema – MIX Copenhagen LGBT film festival invites you to watch the life affirming, sugar-coated comedy Cupcakes in Grand Teatret cinema in inner Copenhagen.
  • Public viewing: 1st semifinal (rerun)
  • Michael Blicher on Fire – Saxophonist Michael Blicher plays jazz for children with an infectious energy.
  • Kastelskoret – Kastelskoret is a new choir consisting of approx. 35 young people at the age 22-39. Their music ranges widely from new and old Danish songs to pop music, Swedish shows and more classical works.
  • Golden Brass – The beautiful old church invites Eurovision fans – of all religions – to listen to the sounds of sweet music.
  • Eurovision Cool Pool Party – Experience martime Copenhagen during Eurovision Song Contest 2014. 7 May when the clock strikes 17:00, the popular Islands Brygge harbour bath in Copenhagen Harbour will be filled with winterbathers and visitors happily celebrating at the Eurovision Cool Pool Party.
  • Camille Grey – Powered by Copenhagen Pride – Camille Grey mixes country beats with the softness of piano tunes and invites you into her colorful universe. Come listen to her stories and get a beautiful musical experience.
  • Ashibah – Powered by Copenhagen Pride – Ashibah invites you into her world of powerful pop music well balanced with electronic vibes. With her magical voice Ashibah will tell you a little about love through her songs this evening.
  • DQ – Powered by Copenhagen Pride – DQ participated in drag at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 with the song Drama Queen. DQ, who also goes by the name Peter Andersen, is an experienced entertainer who has been performing professionally in drag since 1997.
  • Aleksander – Powered by Copenhagen Pride – In Aleksander’s approach to pop music he aims to create an alternative and experimental universe thus turning pop music in a more challenging direction. With fantastic vocals Aleksander invites you into the most intimate and emotional situations.
  • It Gets Political – Today will be political as a number of politicians take the stage to debate about LGBT rights.
  • SOUND live & DJ Claus Nors – Tonight, SOUND (DK) will perform live on stage followed by DJ Claus Nors (DK) who will make you rock the night away.
  • Barthelot – Barthelot Ekeme Same is a trained dancer and choreographer from the Netherlands Dance Theatre.
  • Trolle og Tormod – When Trolle and Tormod enter the stage, the party is starting. After a few minutes, kids dance in front of the stage, playing air guitar and singing along to the catchy songs.
  • Kalle Mathiesen – Kalle Mathiesen is a trained drummer who has gained an incredible career with his one-man show Kalle’s World Tour.
  • Eurovision School Contest 2014 – Eurovision School Contest invited pupils from all over Denmark and South-Sweden to participate by sending in their suggestions to make Europe greener.
  • KODA Skoletjeneste – A group of schoolchildren from Amager will be Eurovision stars for a day when they give a concert on the instruments they have built earlier in Eurovision Village’s kids’ zone.
  • OGAE International party – The aim of the party is to give fans from across Europe and beyond the opportunity to see their favourite Eurovision artists perform live in an intimate setting, and possibly even a chance to actually meet them. Entrance is free for OGAE ID card holders.

On-going events

  • EuroClub (ongoing) – EuroClub will be located in music venue VEGA, in Copenhagen’s vibrant Vesterbro neighborhood. EuroClub is the VIP nightclub for all the stars, delegates, press and some lucky fans during Eurovision Song Contest 2014.
  • Eurovision Fan Mile (ongoing) – The Fan Mile meanders along the city’s main pedestrian shopping street Strøget past squares, among others Eurovision Village, where one will experience many different Eurovision-related events and happenings.
  • Eurovision Village Green Room – The Green Room in Eurovision Village is really a greenroom, with free environmental activities for children and their families during the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen.
  • Euro Fan Café (ongoing) – The Euro Fan Café is the place to be when Eurovision Song Contest 2014 takes place in Copenhagen.
  • Harbour bus to/from B&W Hallerne, Eurovision Island (ongoing) – Take the harbour bus to B&W Hallerne on Eurovision Island, Refshaleøen and get a true maritime experience before the show.
  • STAR Factory (ongoing) – STAR Factory is Copenhagen’s first LGTBQ Pop up club, where you can party every day from 1 – 10 May 2014.
  • Copenhagen City Hall Familytour (ongoing) – During Eurovision week, Copenhagen City Hall offers short tours for families who want to explore the city.
  • Copenhagen City Hall midnightour (ongoing) – Take a thrilling tour through the Copenhagen City Hall’s beautiful rooms and halls, and experience the bells chime at midnight while overlooking the city.
  • Eurovision week at Club Pan (ongoing) – The legendary and biggest gay venue in Copenhagen re-opens extra ordinarily for the Eurovision week only!
  • DJ (Eurovision) (ongoing) – Concert with a DJ.
  • New takes on the Eurovision Song Contest in Dome of Visions (ongoing) – Chill out and listen to speed talks with new takes on the Eurovision Song Contest and the city of Copenhagen.
  • Picnic for two (ongoing) – Malmö is now even closer than a 29-minutes train ride. Get a private chunk of the Swedish nature on an en-route afternoon picnic in the city center of Copenhagen, or soak up a moment of festival atmosphere after dark.

Eurovision 2014 performances around the city

Dress rehearsals & Jury show

Two dress rehearsals are scheduled for today at B&W Hallern in Copenhagen. This will see all the participants of the second semi-final give their best, and we’ll be on-hand to give you the latest as it happens.

  • First dress rehearsal: 15:00 – 17:30 CET
  • Second dress rehearsal/Jury show: 21:00 – 23:00 CET

Participating semi-finalists (in their running order)

  1. [Malta] Malta Introducing | Interview
  2. [Israel] Israel Introducing | Interview
  3. [Norway] Norway Introducing | Interview
  4. [Georgia] Georgia Introducing
  5. [Poland] Poland Introducing
  6. [Austria] Austria Introducing
  7. [Lithuania] Lithuania Introducing | Interview
  8. [Finland] Finland Introducing | Interview
  9. [Ireland] Ireland Introducing
  10. [Belarus] Belarus Introducing | Interview
  11. [FYR Macedonia] FYR Macedonia Introducing | Interview
  12. [Switzerland] Switzerland Introducing Interview
  13. [Greece] Greece Introducing | Interview
  14. [Slovenia] Slovenia Introducing | Interview
  15. [Romania] Romania Introducing | Interview


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