More previews aired tonight

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Cyprus continues their Eurovision Song Contest preview shows tonight with their third installment. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland also join the line-up with a broadcast of their first preview show in Norway – the show has already been broadcast by other Nordic broadcasters. Viewers of both shows will enjoy the sometimes witty and sometimes biting comments of an expert panel.

The preview shows were created before the Internet era to give viewers exposure to all contest songs before the three minute performance on contest night. Today the preview videos are found on the Internet, but in addition to a full screen high quality broadcast these shows still offer a first look at the song to casual viewers. The dedicated fans often enjoy hearing the sometimes witty, and sometimes biting commentary offered by expert panels.

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland combine preview broadcasts into a joint Nordic telecast. The commentator panel includes personalities from each country with a connection to the contest or the music business. The first Nordic preview will be broadcast in Norway tonight. It will also be rebroadcast on YLE's Swedish language digital station in Finalnd (the Finnish broadcast is scheduled on YLE2 for Finnish viewers next week). Please note, this will not be the second preview show as reported yesterday by mistake. Other broadcasters have already carried the first preview show.

Read more about the Nordic previews here. Read a report of the first preview from it's first broadcast here .

Nordic previews 15 April on NRK2: 20.10 CET – webcast here.
Nordic previews 15 April on FST5 (rebroadcast): 20.50 CET

Cyprus continues their successful preview shows with their third installment of new previews tonight. In Cyprus an international panel of experts will discuss the previews. In Cyprus viewers will get a hint at how the country's vote may swing, as viewers will have a chance to cast votes for the song. The Cyprus previews will again be spoken in Greek and English with English subtitles for international viewers.

Cyprus previews 15 Aoril on RIK and RIK SAT: 20.15 CET (21.15 Cyprus) – webcast here.

Satellite information RIK Sat:
Hotbird 3 (13E)-12265.00 V/27500 ¾

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