Nordic Preview show – part 1

by Charlotte Jensen 206 views

Many have been looking forward to the first of the four Nordic Preview shows. Would Eirikur award himself with maximum points? Would the new Norwegian expert be milder in his judgement of the songs than legendary Jostein Pedersen? Would the other Nordic experts like Eirikur�s song? We got the answer to all these and many other questions in the first of four shows.

This is the annual event where all the five Nordic countries get together shortly before the Eurovision Song Contest. Christer Björkman who represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1992 hosts the shows which are produced by SVT in collaboration with NRK, DR, RUV and FST5. All the preview videos are presented for the viewers in four shows and the experts will comment on all songs and award each of them with points from 1 to 5.

Click here to read the full summary of the whole show, including all comments and points.

When Eirikur Hauksson won the Icelandic final it was assumed that it meant a change for Iceland in this Nordic panel, but Iceland decided to stick with Eirikur to judge all the songs for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest.

There are two changes to the list of experts this year. Per Sundnes is representing Norway after NRK fired their legendary Jostein Pedersen who was famous for his comments and the fact that he was quite often the one disliking a song the most. In many ways he was rightfully compared with BBC’s Terry Wogan. But is Per any better? About one of the songs he directly said: This is the worst of the worst! It is so horrible, she can probably sing, but it only turns into a copy. 0 points.

The second change is Denmark where it is Adam Duvå Hall, host of the Danish final 2006 and 2007 judging the songs. From Sweden it is once again Charlotte Perrelli, also known as Charlotte Nilsson who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1999 with Take me to your heaven, and Thomas Lundin will as usual represent Finland. Charlotte compared one of the singers from this years Eurovision Song Contest with a budgerigar sitting there in its bird cage jumping up and down!

The first part included the first 10 countries for the semi-final starting with Bulgaria ending with The Netherlands. It was of course very interesting to see how Eirikur judge his competitors and those who thinks he might be positive about all the songs and award them with high points will be quite surprised as Eirikur was being honest about what he thinks of the songs. About one of them he even said: I give it one point though to show that my mother raised me well so I wont give any of my competitors zero points. The same song was however awarded with maximum 5 points from Thomas Lundin, Finland so these experts doesn't quite agree.

One of the songs was quite clearly the favourite with 24 out of maximum 25 points while another song was clearly the least liked with only points in total! will be back in a week with a full report from the second preview show.

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