Spain: fan video teaser trailer and Ruth’s last hour

by Fernando Méndez 83 views

The Spanish entry is about to have a fan-made video. A preview is already out.

Two weeks ago the Spanish broadcaster RTVE launched a campaign to encourage the Eurovision fans to upload their videos singing to the tunes of the country’s entry for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, Dancing in the rain. During the first ten hours after the announcement more than 100 videos were received.

You can still participate. Just choose the part of the song you want to perform, shoot your video singing along (not longer than 10 seconds) and upload it in this webpage, where you can enjoy the teaser trailer, too.

Ruth’s health

It has been recently rumored that Ruth Lorenzo had been accepted into a hospital due to health problems. The Spanish entrant had indeed posted a message on her Twitter account announcing the cancellation of her activities for Wednesday and Thursday on medical advice. But the singer herself explained during a brief interview to the Spanish broadcaster’s show La mañana (in the studio, not from a hospital) that she had had a test run on Monday and that she had been diagnosed dehydration due to overexertion.

Yesterday I was very tired. On Saturday I came from London and I was dragging my suitcase in tears, she explained. I wanted to do so much that I forgot that I need to rest. Now I feel better, I could sleep and I cancelled a couple of things because I still have one important rehearsal and I want to be fully ready for it.

Ruth is still scheduled to go to Copenhagen this weekend.

Dancing in the rain will be performed by Ruth Lorenzo for Spain in the upcoming 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

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