Michelle launced new album 'Rouge'

by Sietse Bakker 144 views

Michelle, who represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2001 with 'Wer Liebe Lebt', released a new album this week called 'Rouge'. The first single from the album is the song 'Das Hotel in St. Germain'.

The new album contains 13 tracks, mostly ballads. The songs are produced by a new team: Joachim Horn-Bernges (known from songs of Nino de Angelo and Thomas Forstner) wrote some of the songs and Matthias Reim, Michelle's ex-parter, produced it. Under the pseudo-name Michelle Hewer (her real name is Tanja Hewer) she wrote a few songs herself too.

At the presentation of her new album, Michelle told the press that she would not like to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest again. “This should remain unique.”. She enjoyed her participance at the final in Copenhagen last year. “But I do not want to repeat that, I will not again deliever myself to so much stress.” It was a great experience for her, from which she said to have learned a lot. “But now it is time for others to come.”

On March 14, Michelle will start a concert tour in Nürnberg. On March 26 she will perform in Frankfurt, on april 4 in Aken and on May 11 in Cologne.

More details about the new album and the concert tour can be found at the official Michelle website.

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