Romania: The Paula Seling and Ovi Interview

by Luke Borg 1,156 views

We head to the Balkans today, to the land of the Count Dracula, Trasylvania and Miracles for our next interview in our series of the 2014 Eurovision ESCToday interviews. We travel to the majestic Romanian capital city of Bucharest where we meet up with the 2014 Romanian Eurovision representatives Paula Seling and Ovi. They speak to us about their forthcoming Eurovision participation, Eurovision entry Miracle and themselves during the interview.

In 2010, Europe saw you with Playing with fire, how was that experience and how do you look at it now, 4 years after?

The year 2010 was very special to us, we came in contact with this amazing world of Eurovision and we fell in love with it. It was a great pleasure to make friends that share the same passion. We discovered the professionalism of the team that makes the great moments on stage; it is amazing to see how this huge machine works! We lived some amazing moments also while touring to promote Playing with fire, and now, after 4 years, we are glad to see old friends we made back then. Of course, the pressure is bigger now upon our shoulders, because it is a big responsibility to come back on the great stage of Eurovision, after such a good position we had with Playing with fire, but we are confident that we can make the miracle come true 🙂

What have you been doing since the Eurovision in Oslo?

Paula-I have recorded a new CD with English songs called “One mile of words”, I have been touring in Romania and abroad, I was invited to be a member of the jury for Romanian X-Factor, I competed in the Romanian Dancing with the stars and won the third price, started the Music Conservatory at the composition Jazz/Pop music and I am working at building and founding a new music school in Bucharest.

What made you get back to Eurovision and how was Miracle born?

Paula-It is the song that made me want to come back, with Ovi, because it gave me chills when I first heard it. I thought that it was a beautiful, strong, complex song, even better than our previous entry in 2010, because it is definitely more mature. Miracle was born in a composition camp that Ovi went to, last year, and he wanted to work especially with Philip Halloun. They both felt there was something special about this song while recording and working on it. Ovi sent it to me immediately and waited for my reaction – which was exactly what they expected: I was thrilled. And… here we are.

Few weeks ago you released the acoustic version of Miracle, in which we see the iconic piano from the Oslo performance. Will it travel with you to Denmark?

Well, we don’t like to repeat ourselves on the big stage of Eurovision, we just wanted to have fun while singing a ballad acoustic version of Miracle, and we wanted for our fans to remember Oslo. It was definitely a great moment for us.

Will your performance in Copenhagen be similar to the one we saw at the Selecția Națională?

We have prepared some new tricks for you 🙂

In 2010 you reached 3rd place. Are you aiming for a similar result this year?

We wish for a better result, we are working a lot for that. But… you can never tell what may happen.

What are you most looking forward to from your experience in Copenhagen?

I am looking forward to those three golden minutes on the big stage, we are hoping to be perfect and to convince everyone who believed in us to vote for Miracle. It is the kind of song that can change something in you.

Do you have any plans once the Eurovision is over?

We are planning to continue our Miracle concept with new songs and a complex hologram show, that we can present all over Europe. We are bringing out a new album, with new material, new songs. We will continue to give you reasons to believe in miracles 🙂

How do you plan to promote your entry in Europe?

We already went to Amsterdam and London and attended maybe the two biggest pre-Eurovision events. They were both fantastic! We had a great audience and it felt extraordinary!

Do you have any message for your fans and our readers at

I love you, because you make the Eurovision dream go on, and that is a Miracle.

We would like to thank Paula Seling, Ovi and TVR for this interview. We would like to wish Romania the best of luck at the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest.