Eurovision Song Contest jokes

by Charlotte Jensen 1,892 views

The 1st of April is a day to watch out for anyone playing a joke on you, and as usual this also means that several fake news items regarding the Eurovision Song Contest will be published on various sites. can promise you that all our news from yesterday was completely true, but we have taken a look at which stories other sites were able to present.

The biggest story came from who were first able to announce that Denmark would withdraw from next years Eurovision Song Contest due to financial reasons which indeed was quite believable as DR is indeed facing problems of this nature at the moment. Later they did a follow up saying that the other big national TV station TV2 might be interested to take over – but that they would do a survey first amongst its viewers in order to find out if there was a general interest for them to participate.

Eurovision-Croatia was able to present the breaking news that Dragonfly feat. Dado Topic who will be defending the Croatian colours in Helsinki would actually be singing in French for the contest. This would mean that two countries were to sing in French this year– Cyprus and Croatia, two countries without an obvious reason for French.

In Sweden the fans were presented for two major changes regarding the 2008 Melodifestival. revealed that the Swedish final next year will be done in the same way as they did their “second chance” this year which means that the songs will be competing against each otherin pairsuntil we are down to a couple where one winner will be chosen. however told us that next year it wont be SVT planning the Swedish contest as they have just sold the Melodifestival rights to the private Strix Television! were able to present the fantastic news of a growing interest in the United Kingdom as Royal Mail were to release a set of stamps with previous participants as Nicki French, Cheryl Baker & Jay Aston, Sonia, Brotherhood of Man and Katrina. The stamps would be celebrating that this year it is 50 years since the United Kingdom entered the Eurovision Song Contest. gave us all a laugh as they had published a new list with song titles for the songs competing in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. The Bulgarian entry was suddenly called Vodka and Redbull, the song from Moldova was named as Fight for your right to party, the Danish entry had been renamed as Drama Queen Margrethe 2nd after the present Danish queen, Olivia Lewis would be singing Dizziness for Malta and Gerli Padar Same-sex partners in crime for Estonia. The new title fromSpain had been slightly changed to I love you my diva, and in Sweden The Ark entry was now called Invincible 2: Carola’s revenge. The entry from Scooch had been changed to Frying the fag and from Armenia we would have Hayko singing Anytime you need (except Tuesday. I am busy Tuesday).

Click here if you want to read the entire list of song titles as published on 1st of April.

Finally, in Switzerland Sonttags Zeitung, the Sunday paper, reported that the fundamentalists won and DJ BoBo will be withdrawing from the contest.

Despite the fact that the above news was not true we are however sure that we still have a lot to look forward regarding the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest which will be held in Helsinki, Finland.