Romania: Todomondo on TVR

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Todomondo, the group that will represent Romania to this year�s Eurovision Song Contest to Helsinki appeared on the Romanian National television where they gave an interview to the host of the show �Weekend partners�, Stefan Lungu.

Todomondo talked about everything. They declared that they actually represent 6 nations due to their multinational song “Liubi liubi I love you” which is in 6 different languages. They are going to Helsinki wishing to take the first place spreading the message that love has no frontiers.

Todomondo declared that they are a happy family. Stefan wanted to know who the woman is in the family but Todomondo answered that there is no woman, it is just the six brothers with mother TVR and dad Dan Manoliu (Dan is the Eurovision co-ordinator for TVR)

All the six members of the group have listened to this year’s entries for the Eurovision Song Contest and they found them very interesting hoping though that Liubi liubi I love you will be number one. When asked by Stefan Lungu which is the entry they fear most, they replied that they only fear God.
Todomondo said that Mihai Traistariu was the only one who approached them after the National Finalto wishthem good luckin Helsinki,offering valuable insight onwhat to do and what notto doto achieve the best result possiblein Helsinki. Host and band also discussedthe financial gains the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest enjoys but Kamara declared that they prefer to win the contest to all the money afterwards.

Stefan Lungu “interrogated” each one of the members of Todomondo separately to find out all their secrets.That's what he got out of them:
Kamara Ghedi-The French
He declared that the best moment of his life was the birth of his little daughter and the worse was his divorce. He will take with him to Helsinki his voice and Romanian’s strength.
Bogdan Marian Taşcău- The Spanish
Hehas beena musician for 12 years and the composer of Liubi liubi I love you. During the national final he was ill with a high fever but nevertheless he managed to sing and win the golden ticket to Helsinki. He will take with him to Helsinki the receipt paper with the registration number that TVR gave to him when he applied for the national final.
Ciro de Luca-The Italian
He is coming from Italy and he wants to win the Eurovision Song Contest. He knows nothing about the city of Helsinki but he is willing to find out everything. He will take with him his charisma and his grey eyes.
Vlad Cretu-The English
He plays the guitar from the early age of 6. He is performing at the group called Hora and he is hoping to get rich after Todomondo, he declared laughing. Vlad will take with him to Helsinki the Romanian flag that some close friends gave to himat a party.
Valeriu Răileanu- The Russian
He was bornin Ukraine but he was raisedin Cernauti, Moldova, where he attended the Music school for 5 years. He will say his prayer before he goes up on the Hartwall Arena stage.
AndreiŞtefănescu- the Romanian
He is the other half of the group Albnegrutogetherwith Kamara Ghedi and he will take with him to Helsinki his wallet, his mobile phone and his luck.

Todomondo will be directly to the final due to Mihai Traistariu’s 4th place to Athens last year and they willperform 20th as decided bythe draw that took place on the 13th of March.

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