Eurovision 2014: The stage is… an island?

by Helio Qendro 360 views

Earlier today, a video was uploaded in the official Melodi Grand Prix channel on YouTube which suggests that water surrounds the whole stage.

After a photo of the stage leaked couple of days ago and a video of the Polish rehearsal was shared on YouTube, DR chose to give us a bit more of what is to come in May. A video that surfaced the web some hours ago, gives us a reason to be even more excited for Eurovision. Apparently, Danes who wanted to do something original and unique have thought of surrounding the stage with water. A worker explains:

The stage is surrounded by this water to symbolize that so is Denmark and that the stage is situated in an old shipyard. Furthermore you get the feeling that the stage is in fact an island. A lot of thought also went to making the water noticeable on TV.

Actually the water will still be blue, but according to DR a special solution which resembles neon was added to it to make it more shiny. The water also symbolizes the last layer of the diamond which is supposed to be the stage.

Below you can watch the video uploaded by DR:

Stay tuned to for more news on preparations in B&W Hallerne and the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

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