UK: Molly on a promotional trip to Malta

by Luke Borg 177 views

The small Meditarrean country, is attracting a lot of Eurovision represantitaves. In February, Sebalter and Maria Yaremchuk performed in the Maltese national selection, Hersi Matmuja visited the island last week, and this week, the British hopeful Molly Smitten-Downes is doing a short promo tour in Malta.

Molly had interviews with popular TV and radio shows in Malta and also met with Firelight who will represent Malta in Copenhagen. Later this month, the Azerbaijani represantitave Dilara Kazimova is expected to visit the island, too.

As part of the Big 5, the United Kingdom will compete in the Grand Final with Children of the Universe on Saturday 10th May. The UK will have a chance to vote on Thursday 8th May, during the second semi-final.

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