The Poseidonas Yannopoulos Interview

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What do the Cypriot Eurovision Song Contest entry Comme Ci, Comme Ça by Evridiki and Tamta's Greek national final entry With Love have in common? The lyrics of both songs were written by Poseidonas Yannopoulos. Our partner website interviewed the Belgium-born Greek lyricist and found out why Cyprus will be represented in the French language at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki.

Poseidonas Yannopoulos was born in Belgium and raised in Brussels, where he lived until the age of 15. That is one of the main reasons why Cyprus will be represented in French this year! Poseidonas is a good friend of Evridiki and her husband and composer, Dimitris Korgialis. "A couple of months ago, he gave me the music of the song, so I could write the lyrics for it. From the moment I heard the 'super beat' I started to think in my mother tongue, so in French" Poseidonas says.

It's the first time Cyprus takes part in the Eurovision Song Contest with a song in French. "As far as I know, French is not a popular language in Cyprus, nor in Greece" says Poseidonas. "Nevertheless, the song Comme Ci, Comme Ça has received very warm reactions in Cyprus and also in Greece! Everybody tries to sing the words of the song in French, so that's not bad at all! But I want to try to write it in Greek soon and maybe in English too".

Poseidonas also wrote the lyrics of Tamta's song With Love, which finished third in this year's Greek national final. "I was the author of Tamta's first hit Ftais, a Greek cover version of Gala's Faraway. So when she decided to take part in the Greek selections, she thought of me to write her song" says Poseidonas. "At that time I didn't know yet that Cyprus would choose Comme Ci, Comme Ça".

The Eurovision Song Contestmight be a target in his career as lyricist? "Although it was a coincidence that I almost represented two countries in the same year, I also love the Eurovision Song Contest, which I started watching in Belgium when I was following the first years of primary school. I am – like they say – a 'Eurofan'".

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