Turkey: maNga are back with a new single

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maNga, who represented Turkey at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, have unveiled the music video to their latest single Fazla aşkı olan var mı?.

Over the past number of months, maNga have been busy recording and finalising their upcoming album Işıkları söndürseler bile which includes a total of 12 tracks. Back in November, maNga revealed some sneak peeks in regard to the filming of the music video for Fazla aşkı olan var mı? where today the photos from the music video shoot were uploaded. Click here to view the images.

Fazla aşkı olan var mı?

Fazla aşkı olan var mı? is the first single to be released from the upcoming album Işıkları söndürseler bile, which is set to be released in Turkey from the Monday 14 April. You can pre-order the album here.


  1. Dem
  2. Fazla aşkı olan var mı?
  3. Parti
  4. Hint kumaşı
  5. Bize müsaade ettim (feat. Kenan Doğulu)
  6. Bir varmış bir yokmuş
  7. Işıkları söndürseler bile
  8. En güzel şarkım
  9. Gözünü aç çocuk
  10. Romantik şizofren
  11. Eriyorum nihayete
  12. Yaranmaz aşık

Album teaser


maNga were internally selected to represent Turkey at the 55th annual Eurovision Song Contest back in 2010 with their song We could be the same. Winning the second semi-final and qualifying to the grand final, maNga eventually ended in 2nd with a total of 170 points, missing out on the win to the German representative Lena.

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