DJ BoBo premieres 'Vampires are alive'

by Steve Holyer 119 views

Many Eurovision Song Contest fans were looking towards Sweden last Saturday when Swiss Television offered the locals a peak at DJ BoBo's Helsinki performance. DJ BoBo performed “Vampires are alive” during a special birthday edition of Swiss Television's most successful entertainment programme; only time will tell what new surprise elements will be added to the already polished performance. “I was forewarned not to show everything,” the Swiss entertainer said on the programme when asked if he was worried about giving a local preview in the 'YouTube age' when everything is quickly copied to the Internet.

DJ BoBo and his team of 5 singers and dancers presented their dance heavy performance on a fog covered stage built to resemble an old gothic cathedral or castle. After the performance a breathless BoBo chatted with the show's host about Switzerland's chances of winning. The showman explained that Switzerland can't directly count on diaspora voting for help; but nevertheless he addressed his homeland crowd saying "My dear Swiss, we need you. We are a tiny people." "But…" he continued taking on the look of a friendly little rascal, "we all have friends abroad. Write them and send them an SMS 10th and 12th Mai. Say 'Vote Switzerland'."

The entertainer also referred to the show's fantasy elements saying, "Whenever we start to develop a stage show we begin with a fantasy world." Indeed DJ BoBo often builds his shows around a fantasy theme as he did last year with a stage show called "Pirates of Dance". Addressing some factions who have filed complaints about the song's lyrics he made the obvious statement, "This is a fairy tale world. This is important. People know the difference between show and reality."

DJ BoBo plans to release the single "Vampires are alive" on 20th April with the full album "Vampires" due on 11th May in many markets. Of course he will perform his contest entry live on the 10th of May during the semi final broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest. Switzerland is not directly qualified for the 12th May final this year.

As predicted on the show, we found DJ BoBo's Benissimo performance on YouTube only a few hours after the broadcast. Click below to watch.

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