Denmark: Basim welcomes you to Copenhagen!

by Robin Scott 125 views

Perhaps you are going to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, being held in Denmark’s Capital city, Copenhagen? Maybe you would like some tips on what to do and where to go?

Well Basim is the artist representing Denmark this year with Cliché Love Song. He may be of Moroccan descent but he was born in Denmark and lives in Høje Gladsaxe on the outskirts of the main city. Tourist organisation and partner of the Contest,, caught up with him to talk about where he lives.

He was asked how he would describe the city: Copenhagen is a very inspiring city; it looks like it has just come out of a fairy tale. Copenhagen is bursting with history, because old buildings are preserved and are able to tell the city’s story. Copenhagen has got soul.

The locals are called Copenhagers. He was asked to describe them: They are helpful! Just ask for directions or tips for a good restaurant and they will help you. However, even though Danes have ranked the world’s happiest people several times, we do not always look it. I believe that it depends on the weather. We really appreciate good weather and when the sun is shining, we are extra happy. In the summer, Copenhagen is the world’s best city to visit, in my opinion.

Copenhageners like to treat themselves. They go all in for affordable luxury like good fairtrade coffee, fresh strawberries or delicious cakes. Copenhageners like to be smart and fancy. And yes – they really do like coffee.

He was then asked about the places to see: In my opinion, there is one must see place in Copenhagen, and that is Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli is Copenhagen’s unique version of Narnia – one of the oldest amusement parks right there in very heart of the city. When I go there, I forget all the noise and stress, and just feel happy and relaxed.
However, they got some really good restaurants, too. If I want to have traditional Danish food, I go to the restaurant
Grøften. At the Meatpacking District in Vesterbro you can experience the hipsters’ neighbourhood, where young Copenhageners can be cool and try out new stuff.

As for the best way to get around? Walk! I really recommend you to just walk around the city. Do not take a taxi, because then you will not have any money left for the rest of your holiday. And you should definitely take a trip with the harbour bus, which sails by Islands Brygge every day.

Finally what’s his best advice for tourists? Ask the locals for good, but cheap restaurants!

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