Czech Republic: Kabat with Mala dama

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Tonight, the first national final for the Eurovision Song Contest ever in the Czech Republic will be held. Nine music acts will each perform one song and the winner will be chosen by SMS voting. The voting has already started.

The show

Actually, 10 participants were already announced to take part. Nevertheless, Helena Vondráčková withdrew from the competition so that only nine songs are left. Jiří Korn and Kateřina Kristelová will host the live show. The official website is now available in English here.

Webcast information

A webcast will be provided here. Via the same link, the press conference after the show will be broadcast.

The songs

1. Vlasta Horváth


SONG 1 to 906 11 07
2. L.B.P. Story of life SONG 2
3. Petr Kolár Prísahám SONG 3
4. Lili Marlene �ena ze stínadel SONG 4
5. Muloland SONG 5
7. Petr Bende Zaklínám své more SONG 7
8. Helena Zetová Love me again SONG 8
9. Sámer Isser When I am with her SONG 9
10. Kábat Mála dáma SONG 10

Live coverage by Stella Floras

1.Vlasta Horváth -Adios
Vlasta kicks off the first Czech national final with his pop rock Adios. Vlasta gives an energetic performance without any problems.

2. L.B.P.- Story of life
Second comes L.B.P. aka Marketa Poulickova. Her song is in English, a pop tune with some Rn'B arrangments thrown in. A nice performance by L.B.P. but the chorus might just be a little too repetitive.

3. Petr Kolár -Prísahám
A sentimental ballad now with a rather interesting instumental part. A single ballet dancer in the background compliments the song which actually comes from the musical Golem where Petr stars at the moment. Not a partucularly strong ballad, should it be selected it would face some pretty hardcompetition by the ballads already known to participate in Helsinki.

4. Lili Marlene -�ena ze stínadel
An interesting performance to say the least. Sasa ( the lead singer) has a unique alto voice that sounds distinctively male at times. The song is an ''electronic chanson'' as the group like to call their music, a cross between beginning of the century ballad with contemporary rock elements. The use of an accordion throughout the song help set the atmosphere for this song whose title means ''The woman from the decapitation place".

5. Muloland
The next song is an interesting fusion of gypsy music and rap. The band is accompanied on stage by 3 female dancers in red bodices and black tutus and …. the Grim Reaper himself, a huge caricature of Death, black cape, white mask and all. The concept of the song is nice, but the performance needs working on.

As song no 6 has withdrawn and the voting started before the final we move to song no7.

7. Petr Bende- Zaklínám své more
A rockish ballad by Petr. Not a very memorable song I'm afraid. Although the actual performance is ok, the Eurovision Song Contest has become a little too demanding for that type of song to do well.

8.Helena Zetová -Love me again
Second song in English for tonight. A slow melodious ballad. Helena stands alone on stage dressed in white, accompanied by 3 backing singers in the background. Helena's voice sounds a little hoarser than usual and although she doesn't miss a note she seems to be struggling with her voice at times.

9.Sámer Isser- When I am with her
RnB again. A good perforrmance by Sammer who sings and dances together with his 3 female dancers. No problems there.

10. Kábat-Mála dáma
And a heavy dose of classic rock follows. An excellent performance by this experienced rock group( they've been around since 1990). Josef's last, concert quality, high note receives a huge round of applause. That one could get the rock fans' vote easily.

And the winner is…. Kabat with Mala dama!!

Welcome to the Eurovision Song Contest Czech Republic!

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