Armenia: The secrets behind Aram MP3’s official videoclip

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 447 views

Aram MP3’s official Eurovision videoclip has gone viral on youtube and internet platforms. AMPTV, the Armenian national broadcaster has revealed some details on the filming of  the Armenian entry’s videoclip. Let’s discover the secrets behind the filming of  Not Alone.

Aram MP3 ‘s  Eurovision entry  Not alone has gone viral on the internet, thus generating more than one million likes in a week after its premiere on the Eurovision Song Contest’s official youtube channel. Garik Papoyan has written the lyrics of the  2014 Armenian Eurovision entry, whilst Aram Mp3 has composed its melody. Lilit Navasardyan has been responsible for the instrumental arrangement of the song.  The official videoclip has been directed by the  Grigor Gasparyan, who happens to be Aram’s good friend and has gained much fame and recognition in Armenia  for taking part in Armenian and Russian comedy shows.

It is very easy to work with Aram. Apart from taking part in the shooting, he has alon participated in the the casting process, searching for the cars. Aram has been been involved  in the whole process throughout the filming and shooting of the videoclip in close cordination with the filming crew-  Grigor Gasparyan the director of the videoclip has added.

The official videoclip of  Not Alone video consists of two parts. The first part  concentrates Aram MP3, where you can see him sing song passionately, sharing all this emotions, feelings and energy.  The second part  is  like a movie which conveys the message of the song- fight for love.

Actors, Diana Malenko and Vahag Martirosyan, were invited to take part in the videoclip. Both the actors try to deliver the message of the song through their acting, that it easy to lose the person who you are in love with. One should value their beloved ones and try to be tender and loving towards them. The videoclip illustrates and depicts the problem, the  development of a relationship and how a couple is on the brink of a  breaks up. Nevertheless the lovers have the power to fight for their love. In the final scene a passionate kiss reunites the couple.

There is no aggression in my song, there  are only emotions. The specific feature and theme of my song is that love doesn’t recognize age, sex or nationality. This topic concerns everyone. There is so much energy in the song that we wanted to present it to the European music fans also. Aram Mp3 adds speaking about his song.

Aram Mp3 was selected to represent Armenia at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest via an internal selection. He will fly the Armenian flag with his entry Not Alone. Armenia will open the First Semi-final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest on 6 May.

Armenia debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 with Andre and is yet to win the contest. Armenia’s best result at the Eurovision Song Contest is held by Sirusho’s 4th placing in 2008 with Qele Qele. Armenia has competed 6 times in Europe’s favourite television show and has achieved great success, hence placing in the TOP 10 in the final 5 times (2006-2010).

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