Eurovision rewind on VH1 and MTV UK

by Alex JF Keecha 155 views

For the past week, and maybe the upcoming future VH1 and MTV UK, have been showing Eurovision Rewind, a show which takes a nostalgic look through some of the past entries of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The 2 channels have been showing music videos of Eurovision entry's from ABBA to Daz Sampson, and mainly Eurovision entry's from the United Kingdom. Winners and losers. Viewers are warned to watch at there own risk.

The Show features: Jonny Logan, ABBA, Daz Sampson, Bucks Fizz, Jessica Garlick, James Fox to name a few. And just simply shows there music video's, with there Year and place they finished. It seems to focus more on the Uk faliurs like Jemini and Javine.

Maybe this show has been madein conjunction with the upcoming Making Your Mind Up 2007 show on BBC1. But it certainly shows some changing views bythe channel, by at least showing the videos.

You may be able to catchit again throughout the week, so watch out!

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