Romania: Krystal and Mircea’s video released

by Fernando Méndez 121 views

The music video of the song Everytime I see you is now available for viewing on YouTube.

The Welsh singer Krystal Mills and the Romanian artist Mircea Cioclei made an attempt to participate in the Romanian national selection for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Their song was eventually not selected for the national final Selecţia Naţională.

Nevertheless, the joint project continues to be active and the video of the song Everytime I see you, has recently become available.

The video was shot in the Scoala Populara de Arte “Vespasian Lungu” in Braila, Romania during February. The video shows Mircea playing the piano, singing together with Krystal, a simple presentation in accordance with the atmosphere of the song.

The song has been produced by Robert Baitinger, Paul Brookes and Mircea Cioclei. It is available on major music websites such as Amazon and iTunes.

Krystal Mills, a British singer, is a renown artist in live music in Britain, and has participated in events like Cardiff’s Mardi Gras, Godiva Festival and Glanfa Stage.

Mircea Cioclei became famous quite fast after uploading his own cover of Lara Fabian’s Je t’aime on YouTube. He has also taken part in different shows and events.

Krystal and Mircea are currently preparing a tour in Great Britain.

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