Iceland: John Grant helped Pollapönk for NF

by Daniel Doyle 380 views

Singer/songwriter and Brit nominee John Grant helped Pollapönk prepare for the Icelandic national final.

A few days before the Icelandic national final last month, the winners Pollapönk were given the chance to change their act for the final. They contacted John Grant who has had experience in working in Iceland before. His second album Pale green ghost was recorded in the country a few year’s ago. Last month John was nominated for international male solo artist at the Brits 2014.

It has not been officially confirmed if Pollapönk will sing in English or Icelandic at Eurovision in May. However you can see the band rehearsing with John, in the video below:

Pollapönk will represent Iceland at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with the song Enga fordóma.

Stay tuned with for more information about Pollapönk and Iceland in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.