Exclusive: Spanish Rehearsal videos

by Benny Royston 73 views

As promised, esctoday.com touched down in Madrid last night and our Spanish team are working on the ground to bring you all the best coverage of one of the most original national finals of the year. Selecting a combination of song and singer is a first in the Eurovision world, and during the final tonight, everything will come together. Readers have until now been able only to comment on the song and the singer. Now, esctoday.com can bring you exclusively the performances of each act and their version of each song.

Mikel Herzog, one of the panelists of the show and former Eurovision Song Contest representative has been in charge of the music arrangements this year. Each artist has had the chance to adapt the songs to their own voice, so esctoday.com can now reveal that the musical arrangements of each song do differ slightly from one another.

Below you can find the first exclusive rehearsal video as the five participants perform the first song for tonight, Busco un hombre / Busco una chica. The remaining songs will be added throughout the afternoon / evening as rehearsals for each are completed.

Song 1: Busco un Homre / Busco una chica – order of appearace:

  1. NASH – Busco una chica
  2. Nazaret – Busco un hombre
  3. Yanira Figueroa – Busco un hombre
  4. Mirela – Busco un hombre
  5. Merche Llobera – Busco un hombre


Song 2: I love you mi vida

  1. Nazaret
  2. Mirela
  3. NASH
  4. Merche Llobera
  5. Yanira Figueroa


Song 3: La reina de la noche

  1. NASH
  2. Mirela
  3. Yanira Figueroa
  4. Merche Llobera
  5. Nazaret


Song 4: Tu voz se apagará

  1. Mirela
  2. Merche Llobera
  3. NASH
  4. Nazaret
  5. Yanira Figueroa


Song 5: Una lágrima

  1. Merche Llobera
  2. Nazaret
  3. NASH
  4. Yanira Figueroa
  5. Mirela


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